Where the sun pays you a visit every single afternoon. | Casa de Birre

Arriving at the number 67 you can find a renewed and refurbished traditional portuguese house retouched by The House of Cool.

This house is located in one of the most prestigious areas in Cascais and it perfectly blends the surrounding environment with its modern and refreshed appearance. Traditionally inspired by the portuguese artisans, we found the art of Olaria and Tapestry. Each piece being made by the hands of masters of crafts who dedicated their whole life to the traditional portuguese art.


With the installation of the wood panels you’ll not only feel the warm of the house but you will also feel the need to be outside until the sun goes down. The Fireplace will cover long conversations with friends and family and in the end there is a new travel just around the corner to be shared.

Feel at home anywhere and embrace the journey.



Know more about the project here: https://thehouseofcool.pt/products/birre_house

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    Where the sun pays you a visit every single afternoon.

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